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For the past 50 years, we have built a legacy of providing clients with superior high-touch executions and access to robust and unique liquidity, all supported by leading edge technology and quantitative tools.

Minimizing transaction costs is part of the core DNA of ANOS Capital. Our equity and fixed income traders average over 25 years of experience in providing clients with superior service and outcomes.

Our firm's diverse client base encompasses long-only asset managers, hedge funds, public and private pension funds, endowments, insurance companies, family offices, and investment consultants.

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"We empower clients to drive performance and maximize execution results,
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-- Doug Rivelli, CEO, ANOS Capital

About ANOS Capital

Optimized Strategies = Best Execution

Our mission is to continually evolve, combining the best of traditional high touch block trading with the latest advancements in technology to optimize trading strategies, enhance decision-making processes, and navigate the complexities of the market with agility and precision.

As an agency-only broker, a dedication to achieving positive outcomes for our clients is at the heart of everything we do. We are guided by a pursuit of excellence and strive to ensure the continued success of those we serve.

Our History

For fifty years, Abel Noser has been respected as an innovator and leader in the campaign to lower the costs associated with trading. Stanley Abel and Gene Noser co-founded the firm in 1975 with a radical proposition to upset the status-quo of the traditional brokerage model. Recently renamed ANOS Capital, we continue to lead the way in conflict-free, quantitatively focused execution services.



The ANOS Capital equity trading team blends traditional block trading knowledge, experiential market insights, and leading edge proprietary technologies and quantitative outputs to drive execution performance.

We offer the following execution services:

High Touch Single Stock Trading

  • Unique pools of block liquidity
  • Access to 60+ lit and dark execution venues
  • Floor broker access (floor color and D-quote)
  • Intelligent stock and market insights

Program Trading

  • Quantitative and empirical pre-trade analysis        
  • Realtime TCA and risk analytics to manage market exposures          
  • Intelligent use of natural liquidity to manage tail risk

Algorithmic Trading

  • Proprietary and third-party algos
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Fixed Income

Our fixed Income division provides clients with full-service agency execution across a wide range of global credit products. With access to over 100 dealers and institutional credit managers, ANOS Capital can source your liquidity needs at favorable market prices. We are MSRB members as well.

Coverage includes:

Government Issued

  • US Treasuries
  • Agencies
  • Munis
  • Non-US Sovereign
  • CMBS
  • RMBS
  • ABS
  • CLO
  • Investment grade
  • High yield
Preferred and Convertible Issues                    

Third-Party Payments

ANOS Capital allows both equity and fixed Income clients to use a portion of their commissions to pay for allowable third-party payments under SEC Section 28(e).

Soft Dollar
  • Direct bill payment    
  • Soft dollar aggregation services
  • Pay for research or other broker-provided services
Commission Recapture
  • For asset owners who want to receive commission rebates from their trades

We provide clients with an online portal to manage all third-party payments, approve bills, monitor account balances and trading activity, and run reports as needed. This is an efficient, seamless way to manage your payments.

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Transition Management

Brooklyn Bridge transitions

Our dedicated transition management team has been helping asset owners to lower the costs associated with implementing their investment decisions since 1986.  

ANOS Capital is a dually registered stand-alone agency broker-dealer and RIA. As an agency-only firm, we do not source principal bids, take the other side of our clients’ trades, maintain any proprietary accounts, cross client positions into any index funds, or maintain a commercial interest in any liquidity venues.  Our sole objective is to act on our clients’ behalf.

Whether our clients are shifting allocations, taking on new assets, or deploying new investment strategies, our expert team delivers strategies aimed at managing risk and preserving asset value throughout the process.  

We execute across asset classes, leveraging our roots as an industry leader in transaction cost analysis to deliver transparent and data-driven solutions.



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